Mad LiberTEA Time w/ Todd Hagopian – Libertarian-In-Chief (LiberTEA Time)

Join Mike and Paxton as they have a lovely sit-down and chat it out with our favorite tweeting warrior of liberty, Libertarian-In-Chief! We touch on who he is, why he’s here, why he dropped running for chair, and what’s in the future for him and the rest of us. Grab a cup of LiberTEA and join us for a few, will you?

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Dan ‘Taxation Is Theft’ Behrman (LiberTEA Time)

Mike and Paxton welcome 2020 hopeful Dan ‘Taxation Is Theft’ Behrman to our LiberTEA Time to talk with them and it was a blast. Starting with getting to know him a little, they move then through topics like surveillance, education, taxation, and much more. Take a load off and come meet the man with the yellow hat people are talking about. You won’t be disappointed if you ask us.

Watch the whole interview with us:

Check out these links for more info or to support Dan ‘Taxation Is Theft’ Behrman:

Campaign: https://behrman2020.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/danbehrman/