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LiberTEA Library Cards: Dilvany Tha Goddess (We The People)

Hey y’all the party hasn’t started if Dilvany isn’t there yet. She’s a blast, brilliant, and she’s running our book club! Yes, we get to hang out and read with content creating and brain-bending awesomesauce like her. Come get to know them like we do and enjoy a tea time with a good friend!

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Operation Freedom Beaver: Meet Pence! (We The People Of LiberTEA)

It’s not Mike Pence, it’s Paxton, Mike, AND Pence coming together to talk about who she is, where she’s from, and what might be to come over some good ol LiberTEA. Wisdom, patience, and humor are only some of the things she comes armed with in this war for tomorrow, she’s kind of like our own Canadian Patriot Nurse. Sit down and tune in, because Operation Freedom Beaver is go!


Put In Work & Make Things Happen: Meeting Michael P! (We The People Of LiberTEA)

Coming on strong and burning down the fence, we won’t let anything stop us! Helping us all along, Michael P brings some serious HYPE and know-how. We’re locked and loaded for the war on our freedom and minds. Come join us as we introduce you all to one of our heavy hitters, you won’t be disappointed! Y’all get a load of this and you’ll be gearing up to join the fight!

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Furious Rednecks & Armed Lefties, Oh My! (We The People of LiberTEA)

Activism, education, gender issues, and an utter distaste for corruption come along with the man who makes this dynamic duo into a terrible trio. Haters beware, we’re here to make change for the better. Get used to it. We’re tired of party and identity BS and we’re not alone. We’re only growing larger, stronger, and we’re not going anywhere.

Ulf the Furious Redneck’s Twatter: