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Bad News Distractions & Real News Swept Under A Rug (Paxton Sips)

Are you tired of this corona thing yet? 2020 elections? How about that impeachment? It’s just one distraction after another and none of it seems to really matter. In the end we’re wasting our time discussing much of it since everyone will be off to follow the next big scare or outrage as soon as it’s not right in our faces. Do something instead, eh? But, uh…Listen to Paxton, first. XD

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Optimistic Nihilism (Paxton Sips)

When there is no one around to tell you to clean your room, how long will you sit there in your own filth before you decide on cleaning the room yourself? Optimistic Nihilism is about realizing there is no greater purpose, no higher power, to bestow upon us our destiny and meaning. It is up to us, and us alone. Paxton shares some of his philosophy-of-choice and adds some of his own perspective to it.

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Gen Z, For Better or Worse (Paxton Sips)

The Zoomers are upon us, like it or not, and they bring with them new hope and concerns. Paxton sits for a spell to spin a yarn about his own thoughts on the new generation. Agree or disagree, we’d love to know what you think.