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Keith Taylor: The Kentucky Hemp Fall Guy (Stirring the LiberTEA)

No good deed goes unpunished.

Get comfortable, we’re about to walk you through a Kentucky born corruption in the industrial hemp trade. Imagine making a major investment in which you dotted all of your I’s and crossed all of your T’s through education, law, regulation, and business practice only to have it stolen. The very people who helped you bring new business to their state turn on you.

From the beginning to the end, this is the story of a man who sought to bring purer, more affordable access to hemp and CBD being betrayed, run-around, and even wrongfully arrested while trying to do the right thing.

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Kentucky Fall Guy

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Regulation & Overreach: The Todd-Father Returns! (Mad LiberTea Time)

Hey guys, Todd Hagopian is BACK to have another Mad LiberTEA Time with us! We talk about all sorts of things like Covid-19, China & Hong Kong, the #Libertarian Party, WHO, intervention, #regulation, overreach, and his latest campaign where he’s running for the #Oklahoma Corporation Commission! Good times, we really enjoyed having him on to talk and we know you’ll like it, too, so grab yourself some liberTEA and sit a spell with us!

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Disenthralled LiberTEA Time

A Disenthralled LiberTEA Time w/ Patrick Smith!

Patrick Smith (Disenthrall) is an activist of many shades and he’s got a lot to share. Join Mike & Paxton as they get to know him, what he does, why, and some valuable advice and then go check out what he’s got going on! This dude may be humble but he deserves the attention and time, so get in here as we discuss activism, the LP, online new media channels, and much more!

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Peaceful Parenting University

Don’t Comply

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Jared Schneiderman: Liberty Podcasts Ranked & Filed (Mad LiberTEA Time)

Jared Schneiderman joins Mike & Paxton to discuss his website, the Liberty Podcast Ranker! We hit on the Punk Rock Libertarians podcast he’s a part of too as well as a lot of issues out there from what we love to what we loathe about Libertaria and the world in general. It was lots of fun & you won’t regret spending getting to know this techie libertarian who’s goal is to connect libertarians to and promote liberty podcasts online!

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W. Chad Williams: A Liberty Man of Many Hats (Mad LiberTEA Time)

OKLP Chair, Choctaw City Councilman (Ward 1), cat-lover, adviser to tomorrow…W. Chad Williams is, indeed, a man of many hats. His common sense approach to things is really refreshing and he has a lot to offer. Pull up a chair and join Mike, Paxton, and Chad for a few hours of awesome conversation and interview. You’ll not regret it!

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Reaching out From Left to Liberty: Kevin Hobbie (Mad LiberTEA Time)

Who is Kevin Hobbie? Business owner, father, amateur politician, professional super hero, and Vice-Chair of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party? Come find out as we discuss his switch from the progressive left to the fight for liberty, reaching back to them, and pushing the party into the future with better social media and networking. We sat down and covered as much as we could, be it getting started in this mess, lizards in office, NOT ignoring the Exiter movements like Blexit and Walkaway, things that makes us go yiiick in the LP and how we could be better going out. If you wonder what’s up in Oklahoma this is really helpful, too. Lots of up-and-coming stuff to get involved in!

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Mad LiberTEA Time with Maj Toure! (LiberTEA Time)

Mike & Paxton are beyond pleased to present a conversation and Q&A with Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter and fellow liberty-lover! This man knows his shit and he puts in the work, too. Come sit a spell with us and see what he’s about, y’all. You’re going to love this. We sure did!

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Put In Work & Make Things Happen: Meeting Michael P! (We The People Of LiberTEA)

Coming on strong and burning down the fence, we won’t let anything stop us! Helping us all along, Michael P brings some serious HYPE and know-how. We’re locked and loaded for the war on our freedom and minds. Come join us as we introduce you all to one of our heavy hitters, you won’t be disappointed! Y’all get a load of this and you’ll be gearing up to join the fight!


Mad LiberTEA Time w/ Todd Hagopian – Libertarian-In-Chief (LiberTEA Time)

Join Mike and Paxton as they have a lovely sit-down and chat it out with our favorite tweeting warrior of liberty, Libertarian-In-Chief! We touch on who he is, why he’s here, why he dropped running for chair, and what’s in the future for him and the rest of us. Grab a cup of LiberTEA and join us for a few, will you?

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Dan ‘Taxation Is Theft’ Behrman (LiberTEA Time)

Mike and Paxton welcome 2020 hopeful Dan ‘Taxation Is Theft’ Behrman to our LiberTEA Time to talk with them and it was a blast. Starting with getting to know him a little, they move then through topics like surveillance, education, taxation, and much more. Take a load off and come meet the man with the yellow hat people are talking about. You won’t be disappointed if you ask us.

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