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420, Libertarians, Politics & Activism Updates! (LiberTEA Break) (April-May/2020)

It’s been a busy time here at the Mad LiberTEA Party! We’re digging through a deep rabbit hole involving corruption in the Kentucky hemp industry while prepping to bring you an exclusive interview and discussion with Kieth Taylor of Kings Royal Biotech about just that and you are going to want to see that.

With that, coming up we have chats with a libertarian in the Oklahoma DHS(?!?), Father of the Vohra Method and Libertarian Presidential nominee Arvin Vohra, Arkansas Libertarian At Large & Pulaski County Chair Joe Swafford, and Libertarian-In-Chief Todd Hagopian coming up as well as several livestreams including one with Dan “Taxation Is Theft” Behrman!!! Dilvany the Goddess and Bowtie join our team of writers and creators as Residents here at our LiberTEA Community.

We’re always looking for more people to work with so hit us up! We also discuss how we’ll be going out to see Maj Toure do a Black Guns Matter talk at the end of May in Tulsa and invite everyone to come join us in the flesh by getting a $5 ticket or in spirit by supporting Maj and their cause (or both)! We also promise a lot more interesting cannabis and hemp discussion as well as the usual! We can’t wait to see what you guys think of it all!

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Disenthralled LiberTEA Time

A Disenthralled LiberTEA Time w/ Patrick Smith!

Patrick Smith (Disenthrall) is an activist of many shades and he’s got a lot to share. Join Mike & Paxton as they get to know him, what he does, why, and some valuable advice and then go check out what he’s got going on! This dude may be humble but he deserves the attention and time, so get in here as we discuss activism, the LP, online new media channels, and much more!

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Patrick Smith Links:


Peaceful Parenting University

Don’t Comply

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Bad News Distractions & Real News Swept Under A Rug (Paxton Sips)

Are you tired of this corona thing yet? 2020 elections? How about that impeachment? It’s just one distraction after another and none of it seems to really matter. In the end we’re wasting our time discussing much of it since everyone will be off to follow the next big scare or outrage as soon as it’s not right in our faces. Do something instead, eh? But, uh…Listen to Paxton, first. XD

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Liberty on Route 666: Tips to Sharing Liberty! (Mad LiberTEA Breaks)

Hey guys, hope you’re all healthy and sane today! A friend of ours brought us an idea for better being able to share our ideas on liberty, calling it the Welcome to Liberty package. It consists of 6 images, 6 videos/books, and 6 links that can give people a good view of what liberty is from your vista (which is why we jokingly call it the Satan Package). Encouraging others to do the same is something of a learning quest, too. Enjoy this while you’re stuck inside and share!


Big Ls Talkin Shit & Little Ls Raisin Hell (Mad LiberTEA Breaks)

Well, we like to say, “Keep it classy.” but that doesn’t make us or our people immune to the occasional slip. Let’s talk about what happened with Nick Sarwark & Maj Toure and what that taught us, what we took away, and how we feel about it.

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Black Guns Matter:

Maj Toure


Operation Freedom Beaver: Meet Pence! (We The People Of LiberTEA)

It’s not Mike Pence, it’s Paxton, Mike, AND Pence coming together to talk about who she is, where she’s from, and what might be to come over some good ol LiberTEA. Wisdom, patience, and humor are only some of the things she comes armed with in this war for tomorrow, she’s kind of like our own Canadian Patriot Nurse. Sit down and tune in, because Operation Freedom Beaver is go!


February LiberTEA Update! (LiberTEA Breaks)

Hey guys it’s been a short & hard run so far and we’re not about to slow down yet. Here’s some updates on what’s happened, what’s going on now, and what’s going down soon. If you like this shit, you have no excuse not to come check it out. Stop drinkin that goobernment Koolaid and get yourself some LiberTEA!


Mad LiberTEA Time with Maj Toure! (LiberTEA Time)

Mike & Paxton are beyond pleased to present a conversation and Q&A with Maj Toure, founder of Black Guns Matter and fellow liberty-lover! This man knows his shit and he puts in the work, too. Come sit a spell with us and see what he’s about, y’all. You’re going to love this. We sure did!

Maj Toure & Black Guns Matter Links:


Put In Work & Make Things Happen: Meeting Michael P! (We The People Of LiberTEA)

Coming on strong and burning down the fence, we won’t let anything stop us! Helping us all along, Michael P brings some serious HYPE and know-how. We’re locked and loaded for the war on our freedom and minds. Come join us as we introduce you all to one of our heavy hitters, you won’t be disappointed! Y’all get a load of this and you’ll be gearing up to join the fight!

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Furious Rednecks & Armed Lefties, Oh My! (We The People of LiberTEA)

Activism, education, gender issues, and an utter distaste for corruption come along with the man who makes this dynamic duo into a terrible trio. Haters beware, we’re here to make change for the better. Get used to it. We’re tired of party and identity BS and we’re not alone. We’re only growing larger, stronger, and we’re not going anywhere.

Ulf the Furious Redneck’s Twatter: